Features & Solutions

Manage Sales

Sales document can be produced and managed fast and easily, ranging from Sales Order, Quotation, Invoice, Payment Receipt and Delivery Order. Everything organized in order and neatly.

Manage Products

Whether you have a physical product, digital or services, you can manage easily product information, images, pricing and can be sorted by group.

Multiple Company

There is no issue if you have more than one company or business entity. Can be used for a variety of companies that can be separated each business in a single account.

Multiple User

Can be accessed by multiple users at the same time, to perform sales operations or managing other task depend on roles assigned. User roles can be dynamically created and defined depending on your needs.

Employee Leave

Manage employee leave by providing the number of days eligible to apply and accept or reject the leave application.

SMTP Mailer

Send any email through the system, whether sending invoices, quotation or message to customers using your preferred email domain.

Manage Purchases

Purchase Order can be issued to the supplier when you need to buy supplies, services or any goods. All purchases can exported to expenses easily.

Stock Management

Each product can be set to manage by Stock Management. You can add and monitor quantity of stock, creating barcode or define SKU of your choice.

Customer Database

Whether customers are companies or person. Important data can be saved such as name, images, birth date, phone, email and mailing address for the purpose of sales and promotions.

Manage Employee

Manage your employee information such as personal data, hiring date and other information that can dynamically add depends on your needs.

Point Of Sale

Designed as general purpose that can cater type of business like a restaurant, retail or any cash sales depend on your needs. By using a selected thermal printer and cash drawer, you can operate your store anywhere.

Comprehensive Reporting

Provide comprehensive reporting for Sales, Payment, Stock, Product, Purchases, Expenses, GST Tax Summary, Profit and Loss, Accounts Aging and Customer Statements

Manage Expenses

You can save all your expenses by uploading receipt image or importing records from other modules with one click.

Alternate Pricing

Pricing of product can be set more than one depend on your need. Useful when you need to give different prices for different customers or group of customer.

Manage Supplier

As same as customer, supplier can be defined as vendor, companies, a person or an entity categorized as a supplier.

Employee Payslip

Manage your employee salary and wages, contribution and other requirement related to employer regulation. Generate employee pay slip that can be downloaded or emailed directly later.


You can change the sales document design by having little knowledge of web scripting and create predefined content such as email and other related.

Miscellaneous Functions

Equipped with additional features such as Recurring Invoice, Multi Currencies, Tax module like GST, Postage Tracking, Digital Signature, Digital Company Stamp, SMTP Mailer, Custom Field, Backup / Restore and Activity log

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