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Ahmad Syaifuddeen Mohamad

Founder, Al Madeeh Enterprise

Praise be to God, I have used different types of POS system before for my business, especially a user friendly for the iPhone and iPad. In fact, there have been many systems I use, and very hard to leave it. Until one day I read info about this System UrusNiaga on Facebook and without wasting time I'm trying out the demo version of the system.

For the first time, I love it.. Because it was internet-based / cloud server so it will be easier for me to use it on the computer, Laptop, smartphone and iPad! I can login to this system from anywhere, as long has an internet connection. The user interface was attractive and simple, the arrangements of the function / menu is not much a headache and the system can be used in bilingual.

This system makes it easier for me to manage clients ranging from multi-level, Issuing invoices, checking stock products, issuing paychecks, issuing a delivery order, quotation and purchase Products from suppliers and many other functions! You should try it for yourself!

Finally, I can generate company's monthly reports, sales performance, customer, purchasing, stock and much more! Nothing to loss if using this system. Awesome!

Conclusion, as a wholesaler, this system has facilitated job managing sales various kinds of products for various stages of our buyers. Thanks UrusNiaga!


Ahmad Afiq Salehin

Founder, Web Creative Solutions

Before this, I am most reluctant to make a quotation. With UrusNiaga, only need to do preset the price of service/product and choose when you need it. No need to use the calculator to make the calculation. Furthermore, can generate invoices and receipts quickly and can directly email to clients. All the best!


Azrul Abidin

Director, Ultra Colours Sdn Bhd

System UrusNiaga is easy to use and a lot of help in my business operation. After-sales service is also very good. In my opinion, for those who want to try this system, please do not delay, God willing no regrets.


Shahrul Abdullah

Co-founder / Director, Aero Network & Technologies Sdn Bhd

Previously, since there is no standard system used, we always change the template of quotation, invoice, purchase order and delivery order. Urusniaga. my very helpful in managing the company's finance and filing, making it easier and accessible anywhere. And also with the module Point Of Sale, we can make retail sales directly to customers.


Ahmad Shahrin Bin Ibrahim

Founder, A S I Biz Resources

Praise be to God... Along the use of System UrusNiaga, very helpful in our management related to the Supplier, Product, Sales, and Purchasing. The main thing is, we can log-in into this system at anywhere via tablet or as long as there is a computer with internet connection. We can check the daily sales online and very useful. Congratulations to Admin System UrusNiaga that were very helpful and wish a good luck ahead. Thank you.


Mohd Khairul Bin Daim

Founder, Perniagaan Seri Pinang

Urusniaga.my simplify the management of my business. Before this we need to write bills manually, now just type and click away. No more bills that piled, everything is neatly stored in one system.


Amir Hafiz

Managing Director, Skala Bumi Resources Sdn Bhd

I use ZOHO applications before. I prefer URUSNIAGA compared to ZOHO because it is more in line with the business environment in Malaysia. Congratulations and I recommend this system to be used by entrepreneurs out there.

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